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Vancouver slacker Seth Rogen has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable comedians, along with Brampton, Ont.’s Michael Cera and Montreal’s Jay Baruchel (all three star in this summer’s apocalyptic comedy ). We’re better at special effects: While demand for blockbuster visual effects in movies skyrockets, California’s special effects industry is collapsing. They can’t keep up with Canada (or Britain or Asia or New Zealand, but that’s beside the point). Canadian movies are wilder and weirder–necrophilia in , David Cronenberg’s car-crash fetishism and twin gynecologists, and Atom Egoyan’s films about father-daughter incest, a schoolgirl stripper, and a wife who hires a young hooker to test her husband.

In Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Winnipeg, visual effects artists have been taking over the design of explosions, gore and CGI monsters as our technical schools pump out skilled graduates, and movie studios outsource to take advantage of Canada’s generous tax breaks. (42) Our filmmakers are more worldly, too: Unlike Americans, who wait for the rest of the world to learn English, Canadians get Oscar nominations for foreign-language films, and not just ones in French—Deepa Mehta’s Hindi-language was nominated in 2007.

We average just 60 reports of actual tornadoes per year compared with the 1,200 confirmed tornado strikes in the U. Only five per cent of our storms reach the EF-3 category of intensity, the level where winds of more than 220 km/h start tearing up buildings and trees. In 1995, dozens of grey wolves were captured in Alberta and shipped south to be let free in Yellowstone National Park, 72 years after the park’s last wolf den was destroyed under a federal extermination plan. There’s more: (61) We have more beautiful coast to enjoy: 243,000 km of shoreline compared to 153,000 km in the U. (62) According to the OECD Better Life Index our air is cleaner (16 micrograms of particulate matter per cubic metre here compared to 18 in the U. In the United States, a staggering 44 politicians have been assassinated, including four sitting presidents. We’re fine with gay politicians: While former New Jersey governor Jim Mc Greevey might be called the first (and only) “openly gay” governor in American history, it doesn’t really count if you resign as soon as you come out of the closet.

Next year Alaska will reintroduce wood bison, North America’s largest living land mammals, into the wilderness. In Canada, not only is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne openly gay, but her sexual orientation barely factors into coverage of Ontario politics.

And this July Toronto plays host to the 154th running of the Queen’s Plate, the oldest continuously run stakes race on the continent. We have better skiing: Canada’s most popular ski resort, Whistler, trumps America’s most-visited resort, Vail, with more trails (200 vs. The fish are big—up to 40 kg—and they’re crazy, literally throwing themselves into passing boats. Water, water everywhere: With less than half a per cent of the world’s population, we have seven per cent of its renewable water supply—the most per inhabitant of any developed country. so too is our water (89 per cent of Canadians report being satisfied with the quality of local water, versus 87 per cent in the U. By comparison, America has just five female governors, and the vast majority of Americans live in male-governed states. We have far fewer assassinations: Since Confederation, only three Canadian politicians have been assassinated, including two Fathers of Confederation: Thomas D’Arcy Mc Gee was shot by a Fenian sympathizer in 1868; George Brown was shot in the leg by a former Globe employee in 1880 (the wound led to a fatal infection).

There’s more: (70) We attract more immigrants: Canada gets 5.65 per 1,000 people, compared to the U. (71) We have fewer lobbyists: We’ve seen an explosion in lobbying, but in Canada the ratio of lobbyists to senators and MPs is still 12 to 1, while in the U. the ratio of lobbyists to members of Congress is 23 to 1. (72) We mandate a time for holding the government’s feet to the fire: Sure, question period has degenerated in recent years, but nothing like it exists in the U. His photos, duets from space and that cover of helped catapult @Cmdr_Hadfield to one million Twitter followers. By transferring healthy bacteria from a donor’s stool into patients suffering from potentially fatal gut infections like , doctors believe it could one day cure all sorts of ailments, maybe even obesity and allergies. We lead in quantum computing: What’s that, you ask? C.-based D-Wave said one of its quantum computers, the only such machines commercially available, will be installed at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, a collaboration between Google, the Universities Space Research Association and NASA. We’re wiring the oceans like no one else: Canada’s NEPTUNE and VENUS projects off the coast of B. have installed fibre-optic cables that transmit data from the bottom of the ocean.

(43) We know our art: When museums want to tour their blockbuster exhibits, they know to stop here first.

From the Picasso show at the AGO to Sebastião Salgado’s work at the ROM, Canada is the stop for top-tier North American premieres.

There’s more: (79) We’re more rational: Most Canadians (61 per cent) accept evolution, compared to just 30 per cent of Americans. Our government doesn’t kill people: Canada officially abolished capital punishment in 1976, but no Canadian inmate has been executed since 1962. Studies show judges have difficulty being impartial on the bench, when, as candidates, they rely heavily on donors and special interest groups for support. there have been at least 45 shootings in which at least six people were killed.

Incidentally, the same percentage believe Bigfoot is “definitely” or “probably” real. 2.24 million Americans are locked up—716 for every 100,000 citizens, the highest incarceration rate in the world. As well, a study showed judges increase their sentences when facing re-election. We’re more relaxed about pot: In both countries, support for legalizing marijuana is at all-time highs. In total, 434 people were murdered in those incidents, and another 384 injured. may have more in sheer numbers, but nothing compares to our giant duck, perogy, sausage, Easter egg, hockey stick, moose, apple, dinosaur, nickel or lobster. Our Canadian bacon is better than their Canadian bacon: This can get confusing, but try to follow along.

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Surprise her with a special dinner by candle light.

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The goal for this chapter is to develop an understanding of the genetic factors that govern the expression of morphological traits associated with alternative behaviors.

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Now consider whether the Church could encourage giving to Scripture a sense contrary to the holy Fathers and all the Latin and Greek commentators.” Today, however, the astronomical evidence for the earth’s movement around the sun is so strong that there is almost no one who doubts it, even among those who take the Bible to be an inerrant revelation of God’s word.

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She published her first major work, the essay "Notes on 'Camp'", in 1964.

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Today, the institution of dating continues to evolve at a rapid rate with new possibilities and choices opening up particularly through online dating.

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