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Aired 7-8p ET • Killer Hurricane Directly Aiming At Miami In New Forecast; Florida Bracing For Direct Hit From Hurricane The Size Of Texas; National Weather Service: "Immense Human Suffering" Possible; Mandatory Evacuation, Warnings Of "Life-Threatening' Conditions. Braces for Hurricane Irma; Parts of Florida to Evacuate As Hurricane Intensifies To CAT 5; Trump Doubles Down, Says He Has "Great Heart" For Dreamers; Protests Growing After Trump Ends "Dreamers" Program. H.: All Options On The Table After North Korea Says It Tested Its Most Powerful Nuke Yet; Haley: North Korea Leader "Begging For War"; Trump Not Ruling Out Retaliatory Attack On North Korea; Trump Publicly Criticizes Key Ally Amid N.Aired 7-8p ET • Monster Hurricane Kills 3, Now Aiming For Florida; More States Declare Emergencies: Hurricane Irma Packing 185 MPH Winds Longer Than Any Atlantic Storm In History; GOP Leaders "Blindsided" By Trump's Deal with Dems; Mandatory Evacs Just Announced for Parts of Miami-Dade County; Facebook Sold Ads to Russia-linked Accounts During Election; Interview with Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. Korea Threats; CNN: Trump Expected To "Dreamer" Program With Delay.• Trump Lawyers Set For Key Meeting With Special Counsel; Trump Sets Up Attacks On FBI Says "We'll See" About Flynn Pardon; Top Dem "Increasingly Worried" GOP Will Shut Down House Investigation On Russia By End Of Month; GOP Reveals Final Tax Bill, Rubio And Corker To Vote "Yes"; Interview with Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana; Omarosa: Trump Admin Has "Lack of Diversity".Aired on 7-8p ET • Blame Game Inside White House After Roy Moore Loss; Doug Jones Says He Got "Gracious" Call From Trump; Omarosa To Leave W.Aired 7-8p ET • Source: Bannon Won't Let Mc Connell "Off the Hook" On Moore; U. Troops Preparing for Unrest Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Trump Tax Plan Fails to Close Loophole for Super Rich.Aired on 7-8p ET • Source: Trump Knew Flynn Misled FBI, Lied To Pence When He Urged Comey To Drop Probe; New Questions For Flynn's Deputy K. Mc Farland; Prosecutors Want Manafort Bail Deal Pulled After Contact With Russian With Ties To Russian Intelligence. Source: Trump Thought He Would Have Done Better In Polls Had He Continued Obama Birther Conspiracy; Roger Stone's Wiki Leaks Contact Revealed; Source: W. Officials Heard Trump Questioning Authenticity Of Access Hollywood Tape, The Same Tape He Apologized For; Reports: More Women Accuse Matt Lauer Of Sexual Harassment; Trump: GOP Tax Plan "Going to Cost Me a Fortune".Subpoena After Report He Messaged Wiki Leaks; Woman Accused Moore of Sexual Assault When She Was 16.

Franken Calls For Ethics Investigation Into His Actions, Apologizes For Groping Woman In 2006. Exchanged Messages With Wiki Leaks During The Campaign; Calls For Trump Jr.

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Versus The NFL; Trump Keeps Up Attacks On NFL Players As His Agenda Stalls; Sources Say Kelly's Not Pleased With Trump's Culture War; Trump: "Tremendous Backlash Against The NFL and Its Players. Aired 7-8p ET • Mexican President: Survivors May Be Trapped In At Least 10 Buildings; Quake Death Toll Rises To 273; Rescue Operations Underway; Death Toll Rises; Hurricane's Wrath Far From Over; Kim Responds to Trump, Calls Him "Mentally Deranged • Monster Hurricane Devastates Islands, U. East Coast Threatened; San Juan Mayor Says Blackout Possible For 6 Months; Hurricane Hunter Talks To CNN As He Flies Through Deadly Storm; Mueller Asks White House For Docs Related To Trump's Actions As President; Report: Manafort Offered Russian Billionaire Private Campaign Briefs. Government Wiretapped Former Trump Campaign Chair; Clinton Opens Door To Questioning Legitimacy Of 2016 Election; NYT: Trump Lawyers Overheard Talking Russia Probe At Steakhouse.

Aired 7-8p ET • Source: "Rocket Man" Line a Late Add to Trump's U. Speech; GOP's Hail Mary Plan to Repeal Obamacare Gaining Steam; Interview with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts; Hurricane Hunter Talks to CNN As He Flies Through Cat 5 Storm. Aired 7-8p ET • British Officials Warn Of Imminent Attack; Trump Scolded For Terror Tweets Before Facts Are Clear; Trump: Options For North Korea "Effective And Overwhelming"; Unprecedented Glimpse At Life Inside North Korea; Protests After Ex-Cop Acquitted in Death of Black Man; Trump's Long History of Fury and Humiliation; Hurricane Jose Strengthens, Threatening East Coast.

Aired 7-8p ET • Residents Told To "Get Out Now!

" As Levee Breaches; Officials Brace For More Devastation; Six Members of One Family Swept Away In Flood; Man Opens Up After Losing 6 Family Members In Flood.

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I heard a smash and saw the roof of the shop going through (the bus) from the front left. 'I noticed a lady wedged in the front right-hand side. There was a lot of blood.'Nurse Amy Mullineux, 40, of Wandsworth Common, was also on the bus and said the driver told her he had lost consciousness before the crash, adding: 'I spoke to him. It was all happening in slow motion, it was very surreal.'I braced myself, thinking 'oh my God, I am going to die'. She was crushed to about her waist.'I couldn't see her legs - the bus was crushed in. She said: 'I saw this woman shouting and banging on the glass. There was a lot of smoke.'Photographs and videos posted on social media showed the vehicle on the pavement and smashed into the front of the Poggen Pohl Kitchen Design Centre.