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I have a great idea if you would send me the 1000 pesos for bus fair I could come visit you and my family. How about this If you can send me the money by Western Union I will come visit you first and you can have all the sex you want with me for 2 or 3 days, then I will go on my way to my parents.

This is simple, she is counting on you being so fixated and worked up over the idea of having a sex slave for 3 days that you wire her the money.

Many of these Filipino women have boy friends and secret children back in the Philippines they support.

Before she does any of this, she will be carful to wait the necessary amount of time to get her permanent residency or citizenship so the husband can't claim the marriage was fraudulent.

This may involve a girl that you have just met online, a fiancée left in the Philippines, or a family member of your Filipino wife.

These are just a few of the possible scenarios that get played out.

This is easy, right out of the gate you found the perfect women online, and in no time flat this sweet little flower blossom has professes her love and devotion to you and the only thing she asks for in return is once married she wants to live the Philippines.

Once she tires of the marriage and believes she has reached the limit of what she can squeeze out of you she become very nasty, distant, withholding sex and eventually demands a divorce.

It's not that they won't try they will the difference is you have good grounds to say no and the daughter will be off the hook.

One of the most common and lucrative scams you may come across in the Philippines is the medical emergency scam.

When the gentalman travels back to the states to take care of his affairs in order to move to Philippines the woman cleans out all of his accounts moves out of her rented apartment and disappears.

This scam typically plays itself out over many years but pays off big.

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Recently, one of the more popular guidelines for soulmate-hunting is to look to your “sister sign,” which is the sign directly opposite from yours on the zodiac wheel (meaning they’re six months apart).

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But as we explored the possibility of taking on this investigation, we discovered that 20 percent of our subscribers are either divorced or have never married, and might benefit from what we found.

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The list of stunningly sexy fuller-figured celebrities is long, and the ladies who adorn it are worshipped by weak-kneed men the world over for their delectable feminine curves.

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An array of spaces cater for various group sizes with diamond and platinum floors, VIP lounges, plush booths available for large groups as well as personal dance platforms and spaces with large screens for sporting events.

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AMANDA STAVELEYPerhaps the favourite to launch a bid for the club after her appearance at the Premier League clash with Liverpool earlier this month, she certainly knows the ins and outs of a takeover.